The Future is Bright

Equality of opportunity does not equal equality of outcomes. Many people can do one thing at varying degrees of success. If we all tried to build a chair, the outcomes could vary from dangerous to lavish. Each being dependent upon varying levels of skill, available resources, and individual creativity that is not equal and could never be equal. It's absurd to believe that humans are born equal or should be, or could be. So since we can't guarantee assembly line humans, we can only argue for equality of opportunity.

When did they break you?

Sometimes the world can get us all down. We lose track of time and the days and nights run together. Finally, the weekend gets here and you can finally spend some time with the family, but dang it … you just have to get ready for that meeting Monday, or finish a project, or finally cut your grass and wash clothes. You spend fewer and fewer hours doing the things you love, in exchange for fewer and less fulfilling rewards from your professional life. It’s the grinding monotonous repetition of it all that can strip the humanity right out of humans. At some point, you just stop dreaming. You have food, water, and shelter. Maybe you have a nice car and even a riding lawn mower, but you still feel hollow. Like you’re looking for something you lost, but can’t remember what it was. That's because you know you were meant to be doing something else, like a neutered dog

Nothing is Free

The government does not grant rights, it only removes or restricts them. Private businesses are becoming increasingly entangled with the state in order to provide a moral "framework" on acceptable speech. Despite an individuals ability to block voices they do not like, the mob still clamors for the omnipotent oversight of Big Brother. Like Rome, we too will suffer for it, and we too will have nobody to blame but ourselves

The Road To Somewhere

The road has to start somewhere, might as well be here. Instead of using Social Media to air my grievances with the world, I will be focusing most of my time on my own website. I don't really care how many views or likes I receive anyway, and i'll still be checking up on the authorized life and times of those still chained there. Ultimately though, it's too confining for me. Too tempting. So here I am and here I'll be, it's a pirates life for me