The government does not grant rights, it only removes or restricts them. Private businesses are becoming increasingly entangled with the state in order to provide a moral "framework" on acceptable speech. Despite an individuals ability to block voices they do not like, the mob still clamors for the omnipotent oversight of Big Brother. Like Rome, we too will suffer for it, and we too will have nobody to blame but ourselves.

I don’t like what Trump or Biden says, but In a country that purports to be free, they should be free to say whatever crazy shit they want. Not because of some piece of paper that amended our operating agreement, but because humans should be able to communicate whatever they want to whomever they want. It is up to you to form whatever conclusions you can from the content they spew. Ultimately we are always responsible for our own words in the communities that we live in. Through rejection, criticism, or cancellation, we all ultimately face the consequences of our words naturally. This doesn't require laws or regulations or the government at all. And that's a problem for statists. It's just not good enough according to them.

An increasingly policed state has stopped even pretending to be concerned about your natural rights. Propaganda is rampant and you can't trust the news to report the truth about anything. You fumble around with manipulated information and data, just enough to form the opinions they intended for you to form. Questioning "authority" has become tantamount to blasphemy and any idea that doesn't conform to the official narrative is immediately shunned as a conspiracy theory. Humans bow to their neon gods as the great liberators of humanity, all the while forgetting a simple and undeniable fact. Governments do not grant rights. They only remove or restrict them. You were born with every natural right you will ever really have, you just have to have the courage to exercise them.

Use your words, speak your truth, especially when those words and that truth are unpopular. You won't make many friends or be invited to parties, and it isn't going to be comfortable. You were born with the genetic roadmap to your happiness if you have the strength of will to reach out and take it. Do you like woodworking? That is your purpose. Getting paid for it is just a bonus. Do you like space? Go there. Elon Musk did it, it's possible with the right focus and preparation. The state wants to limit you because people aren't useful to the government unless they are on the state-issued treadmill. Get off their treadmill. Crush their treadmill. Let them know, that you do not want to be a part of their herd.

Society pressures you to join the herd, but a thinking man understands that shepherds aren't friends. Shepherds want to confine you, fatten you up, and then eat you. It's a trap. It's always been a trap.

Here's a nice speech by Mario Savio from 1964. Enjoy.