... and anyone else that may be listening. Decide for yourself whether this is fact or fiction, like most things, the beholder's reality sometimes doesn't match our own. Some men tell tales that they've heard and then interpreted as their intellect allows before repeating in an ever more sensationalized grapevine. On and on, until the trending narrative is so monstrously divorced from the original that we burn women for talking back to us. Because the "common good" agreed that it must be the devil seducing these poor helpless females, therefore witches who must be burned. Literally. Completely normal shit, you know. In a world that no longer cares whether a fact is true, or just a popular enough lie to sell your soul for ... I imagine the biggest liar is king. Anyone who seeks that position isn't someone I could ever respect so I don't. Nor the people who have faith in them. The "Clergy" of the State.

I often wonder if future generations or alien spies will look at the digital history of man, one day as if we now look upon early homineds. Basically monkeys clanging sticks around while we pray to a silent god that hopefully some asshole doesn't push a button and end the world. What we could accomplish if only we knew how to work apart yet together. That by promoting the use of critical thinking to fix problems instead of just trying to defeat an ever changing enemy with our strong feelings. Because why not, right? Seems so simple, yet we still can't seem to get it right.

Nobody needs a law to tell them that they need to take care of their grandma, or the sick or infirm. We all want to do that. Some people may put conditions on that, others may think none should be required, but in the end ... we all agree that it's the right thing to do under certain conditions. Well, most of us anyway. Some people are so trapped by the material world, that they will never see value in simply being kind. Especially if it costs them something they value. Those details can nuance the finest populist fallacies as easily as melted butter spreads across toasted bread. We love our reasons to be cruel or apathetic. Those are our get out of hell free cards.

The virtuous white knights out to bully poor sick people, or the mentally infirm, into strict social conformity as confined within the word of "law" deemed "just" because "the common good". As if the creator of the universe would give birth to it's most prized of all creations, to ignore and punish them for the blueprint given to them. I don't know whether I believe in the kindergarten God that whips bad boys and burns them in some eternal torture or not, I'm pretty sure that's bullshit. Just like there's no such thing as fucking witches, and if there were ... what good would burning a "demon" in fire do?It's just idiotic. What "good" does that serve? What an inefficient system.

The creator that I am led to believe in, wouldn't be so basic, So one dimensional. I'm pretty sure that anyone or anything cool enough to make tiny immortal bears that can live in space, had some pretty high hopes for what I think humans are capable of. Kicking each other in the face over who they want to copulate with doesn't seem like a very divine or virtuous activity. What I know, is that there is a map of all the things that make me , me ... it's called DNA. And if there's a map , at some level, there has to be a cartographer. And just as we discover the blueprints through science and through reason and by trial and error, sometimes we simply stumble upon it ... It all suggests patterns, if not always intelligent, of design. Whatever that is, led to fractals. And fractals make chaos theorists blush. And that's pretty wonderous to me.

I'm sure that the aliens or future generations will also come to the same conclusion about this age. We have so much potential, we're reaching for the stars and planting humanity's flag on eternity. If we can just not kill each other all before we get there. Whether or not we get there is going to depend alot on our ability to just be honest with ourselves. There's a handful of people out there having a great time and a whole lot of people who are miserable. That's not an accident and it's up to us to fix it. Not by more theft or by violence , but by using some of that critical thinking that we're always talking about. We may not all agree on what caused it, or even that anything caused it, but we can all agree it's hot as shit , especially closer to the equator, where people are fleeing because they can't grow food. They're even willing to break laws and risk extreme personal danger just to get their kids to a place that has food and people aren't shooting each other over fentanyl. Yet. Let's start there and work our way up. Because we're humans. And humans are awesome.

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