Equality of opportunity does not equal equality of outcomes. Many people can do one thing at varying degrees of success. If we all tried to build a chair, the outcomes could vary from dangerous to lavish. Each being dependent upon varying levels of skill, available resources, and individual creativity that is not equal and could never be equal. It's absurd to believe that humans are born equal or should be, or could be. So since we can't guarantee assembly line humans, we can only argue for equality of opportunity.

If a system you live in does not have equality of opportunity (i.e. - allowing you to use all your available resources and skills to promote the best individual outcome which may vary) then that system is not free, you are just a cog, and free will is a lie. I know that is hard to hear, but it's still true. We learn through trial and error, but we somehow see political systems as unerring and even blasphemous to consider updating. That's called hubris and it's not a virtue.

We don't need to make anything great again, it was never that great. It had the potential for greatness, as a stepping stone to greater, in an even harsher world it's better than most. But it's been responsible for some pretty terrible shit too. Let's be real. There are some things that we've needed to change, we call them amendments now. The ultimate amendment is the evolution to a voluntary society. People are sick of being bullied around by a special class of society, abused by their enforcers, or imprisoned for plants that have a special effect when lit on fire.

And we're on our way, there ain't no stopping this train.

Government cannot guarantee equality of outcome because nothing can. It's idiotic to suggest there could be, and by the threat of violence or restriction only proves my next point. The government's only possible outcome is more government. Any government, all governments. They will only lead to more kings by different names and more vassals with delusions of freedom. Have we not learned from our history what happens when enough people get so fed up with anything that they just can't take it anymore?

In the natural world, not the made-up world a couple dozen guys wrote about a few hundred years ago, civil unrest is a precursor to change. I think some of the changes that people want to see are shortsighted and uneducated, however, the fact that they have any unifying reason to do so is evidence of one undeniable fact. They're waking up. Mostly a bit groggy and kind of directionless, but they are questioning the legitimacy of your authority. Ouch.

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