Sometimes the world can get us all down. We lose track of time and the days and nights run together. Finally, the weekend gets here and you can finally spend some time with the family, but dang it … you just have to get ready for that meeting Monday, or finish a project, or finally cut your grass and wash clothes. You spend fewer and fewer hours doing the things you love, in exchange for fewer and less fulfilling rewards from your professional life. It’s the grinding monotonous repetition of it all that can strip the humanity right out of humans. At some point, you just stop dreaming. You have food, water, and shelter. Maybe you have a nice car and even a riding lawn mower, but you still feel hollow. Like you’re looking for something you lost, but can’t remember what it was. That's because you know you were meant to be doing something else, like a neutered dog.


In my dream world “rules” would be suggestions and everything consensual would be negotiable by the individuals involved on a per line item basis. Strangers would have no say in what happens to an individual’s private property or person, ever. All men and women would be free to collaborate as they have done since time immemorial, voluntarily. They would benefit from the fruit of their collective investments, but no human would be able to use violence to extort or extract from another to accomplish it. Each man/woman would be free to hire protection or to provide protection and be unrestricted in how they accomplished that goal. Because not following that rule wouldn't bring the punishment from one ruler's agents, it would come from the targeted victim and every other person who refused to be victimized.

Bartering between consenting adults would not be prohibited. The currency would be decentralized, and the only agency that existed belonged to the free human species. There would be only one race, the human race. There would be no parties or politics or religious indoctrination. No citizens with special rights that everyone else doesn’t have. Conversely, those overseers won’t require salaries and infrastructure to shepherd us towards involuntarily paying tribute to them and some rules a couple of dozen guys made up a few centuries ago.

My dream was to find a world like that and live in it, or build a miniature replica of it to hide out in and pretend the rest of the world doesn’t exist. I'm working on the latter because I couldn't find the former.


Ask yourself this: When did I stop believing that I could do great things? You once believed you could be an astronaut, or a pirate, or even spiderman if you could only find the correct radioactive material. When did you stop believing that? Why? Because it's unrealistic? Says who? You may not be able to play their games with an alternate set of rules, but you can make up your own game. Nothing is stopping you. I know it sounds crazy and maybe even blasphemous to hear , but their authority isn't legitimate anyway. Sure they can come beat you up and put you in jail if you don't follow their rules, but that doesn't mean their rules are right or moral or just. It's certainly not fair, but fair is a stupid word anyway.

Remember when you thought you would be a doctor, adventurer, poet, writer or scientist? You know, back before you had to do something else for whatever reason? Did you ever wonder for one second if the cost to get a PHD was a long succession of shitty jobs that pumped your gas or moved your furniture. You go spend the GDP of some small countries on the degree because, you know it takes money to make money. Maybe now you’re doing something for somebody else, or you’ve managed to start your business selling widgets which is doing pretty well. But nobody dreamed of serving your French fries. The only way you’re going to get French fries is if only some people’s dreams come true. I’ll probably never live in my dream world, and you’ll probably never live in yours for this reason. Life ain't Fair. Them's the breaks. I may be broken, just like you, but I can still dream. Can you?


I'm not suggesting that you can be an accomplished scientist, simply by willing it. And maybe an injury or illness prevents you from doing certain things, but there's something that's almost it that you can do, if you just give yourself permission. I'm learning about A.I. and machine learning on low energy custom microcomputers. Nobody taught me how , nobody told me why I should or shouldn't do it. But since I'm not Tony Stark and my resources are limited, I had to put the suit on standby until I can. But , you know. That's life. There's nobody or nothing stopping you from doing something resembling your dreams right now but yourself. Even if your wife yells at you or your community ostracizes you, that's just life pal. Them's the breaks. No sense bitching and moaning about it like a petulant child. Life isn't fair. But that's why everyone doesn't get their dreams and why they end up settling for the half assed dreams of strangers.

You have to do whatever it is that you dreamed about doing anyway, despite the consequences. Because that's life too. And if the newly developing Big Crunch Theory suggests anything , it's that the destruction of one thing is just the creation of another. You just keep on failing until you stop failing. And then figure out what you did, and do it again. and again. and again. But instead of doing it for someone else's bullshit idea of happiness eternal , do it because it makes you dream again. Do it to prove that they can't take that from you. They can call you crazy, or disruptive , or extremist if they want. That doesn't make them right, or you wrong. They're just people who are just like you, they don't know shit either and they're just trying to figure it out too. What once was broken can be fixed , and a broken piece of shit in one man's eyes .... is someone else's recycled treasure. Just don't settle for a nice cup of someone else's manure tea, when even the worst coffee tastes better.

Are you dead yet? What’s stopping you?

Go get that shit. I'll Race ya!

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